Diyi medical headhunter ( was founded in 2003 by the return of several overseas headhunting consultants to create, we serve the pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, hospital management, health care products, and there are biological engineering, professional focus on the medical and health industry It is our goal, our team members from a number of experienced pharmaceutical medical background headhunting companies formed from the consultant, mainly for the international (I) provide pharmaceutical enterprises, visiting senior professionals, namely, headhunting services.

     We headhunting consultants will rely on personal "capacity", "experience", "to" complete the mission, we are concerned about the success rate of job completion time and posts, our objective is to: "90% success rate jobs" and "1-2 pool completed within weeks post initial recommendation. "

     Diyi medical headhunter based in Beijing, and through the partnership and cooperation throughout the network, providing comprehensive headhunting services, and professional and dedicated, to effectively improve the work efficiency, reduce cost of the process, and thereby indirectly reduce customer costs.

     Because of concern about costs in advance, so we have to charge customers, usually by the industry minimum standards for collection, as far as possible, ensure that the interests of its clients.

     We attract the most successful pharmaceutical headhunting consultants, we have cutting-edge industries and sophisticated functions related to professional and technical posts, medicine headhunting consultants improve your superior intellect of the recruitment process and to make your company a better understanding of market and competitive conditions.

     Diyi medical headhunter to recruit the world's most outstanding senior medical personnel for outstanding enterprises provide the most suitable medical personnel, quality brands achievements, Di medical headhunting medical professionals to create medicine headhunting talent supply and demand in the high-end platform!

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